Using Iris to help Local Authorities end rough sleeping with RSAP grant funding

19 April, 2021 | Iris

The Challenge
In March 2021 the MHCLG announced the Rough Sleeping Accommodation Programme (RSAP) focused on ending rough sleeping in England. £140m of capital grant has been made available to Local Authorities to deliver 2,700 move-on homes to achieve a sustainable reduction in rough sleeping. The housing needs to be delivered by April 2022. MHCLG say that funding will be prioritised for proposals and bids which set realistic, well-developed plans to deliver housing as quickly as possible. The housing should be delivered in local areas and in most circumstances, should be dispersed, self-contained accommodation clustered in small groups for management purposes. In some circumstances shared accommodation with en-suite bathroom facilities will also be considered.

Iris… Sourcing and Transaction Services
Our online platform Iris can identify dispersed, self-contained accommodation available “in-borough”, and provide you with a shopping list of options to choose from. Iris can also manage the entire transaction process, including viewings, surveys and conveyancing, taking all the administrative legwork out of the process. Iris provides the tools and oversight to confidently deliver your RSAP housing requirements within the specified timeframes.

Funding Options
If you have your own capital resources (e.g. HRA capital or PWLB) to co-invest with the RSAP grant, then Iris can provide an easy and efficient route to acquiring housing direct into your HRA. If you require co-investment alongside the RSAP grant, we can provide that funding on a lease-to-own basis, on a structure as advocated by MHCLG, the GLA and Homes England, to ensure the housing remains a “long-term, national asset owned in perpetuity”.